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CEDIA 2015 Recap

Marketing Matters and our clients had a fantastic show last week in Dallas. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their partnerships and congratulate them on a wildly successful event.

Here are a few of the highlights:

RoseWater Energy:

The introduction of the RoseWater Energy Management Hub (HUB 20-28-8-NC) garnered some great fanfare from the media, and also won both a Residential Systems Best of Show Award and the Technology Integrator EXC!TE award. Here are a few of the press comments:

“One of the most intriguing products of CEDIA 2015 isn’t an audio, video or home automation product. It’s a residential energy management hub from RoseWater Energy Group.”
–Joe Paone, Technology Integrator

“I’m not sure what it costs—you can bet it won’t be cheap—but I want one.”
–Darryl Wilkinson, Sound and Vision

“The Tesla [Powerwall] doesn’t make the RoseWater product obsolete, but rather it is kind of like Tesla’s Ford Fiesta to RoseWater’s Ferrari.”
–Wayne Ortner, CE Pro

TiO Home by Anuva Automation:

TiO launched a dramatic expansion of their home automation system at the show, with multiple new products. These new products dramatically expand the capabilities of the TiO system with the addition of a new touch screen and several products called TiOConnect which includes a lamp dimming element, a network extender, a security adapter, an IR adapter, a contact closure adapter, and a serial adapter… all of which can be easily integrated into the system via a wired or wireless connection. TiOConnect also won a Residential Systems Best of Show Award and the Technology Integrator EXC!TE award.

TiO held the TiO Ninja Time Trials at CEDIA, pitting installers against each other, many whom have never even seen a TiO system setup. The average setup time for the contestants to complete the tasks was 8-10 minutes with only a few minutes orientation. Three winners emerged, one for each day of the show, with times around or under five minutes. That’s a setup of a complete home automation system complete with customized moods and experiences for the user! The fastest installers were awarded a TiO system (MSRP of $5,145 USD). More than $15,000 in free gear was given away over the course of the show!

Metra Home Theater Group

Metra received 18 press placements last week, which helped spread the word regarding the launch of their M3B System and the HDM-GA1 Gigabit Accelerator.  The HDM-GA1 was an astounding success winning a Residential Systems Best of Show Award, a Technology Integrator EXC!TE Award and a CE Pro Best Award.  The Ethereal HDM-GA1 is designed to update existing in-wall passive HDMI cables to be able to handle true 4K, meaning the user can update a system to 4K without having to run additional cables. Metra was taking pre-orders at the show and sold out of existing stock before the product was even made available.

BlueDog Data Services

The CEDIA 2015 was the official launch of BlueDog Data Services, which is being positioned as an enhancement to existing audio/visual proposal software. Existing software is only as good as the information that is input to support it. BlueDog creates accurate, complete & consistent data for everyday use in generating proposals, engineering drawings, purchase orders, and work orders, resulting in a much improved proposal generation process for the dealer. Although they didn’t have a show floor presence, they were booked with meetings throughout the show.

Marketing Matters produced and distributed a plethora of press announcements, managed press conferences at the show, produced a beautiful new booth for RoseWater Energy and created many successful pieces of collateral materials to help our clients during the show.  CEDIA 2015 was a success for all of us!

Marketing Matters at CEDIA EXPO 2013

Looking back, CEDIA Expo 2013 was a tremendous success for the Marketing Matters family which includes our team and all of our clients. We assisted our roster of clients by providing remarkable new booth designs, marketing materials, new product launch campaigns and coordination of major press conferences. More importantly we generated an abundant amount of coverage impressing the audiences of our clients. The word is officially out.

Some of the highlights of this year’s CEDIA Expo include the unveiling of RoseWater Energy’s new Residential Energy Storage Hub. In just a year RoseWater managed to enhance last year’s prototype Hub to feature new capabilities that maximizes all of the benefits of renewable energy sources and condition all in-coming power supplies for maximum output in just a fraction of its original size.  In just a few weeks Marketing Matters managed to generate a variety of placements from some influential publications such as CE Pro, Dealerscope, Technology Integrator, and more.

Metra Home Theater Group also made a splash at the show showcasing its new state-of-the-art silicon EHD EVOLV cables which combine radical design techniques and system-specific custom programming functionality to form a high-powered solution for ultra-HD video applications. Dealerscope magazine recently reported that more than 12,000 EHD cables were sold after last year’s show and we here at Marketing Matters are confident that Metra will see another increase in sales this upcoming year as well.

The concept to offer a unique peek to the Access Network’s Visibility Center behind the network curtain at CEDIA really allowed integrators to get an in-depth look into the company’s network solutions which in return helped give the audience a visualization of how the company can provide faster analysis and better issue resolutions.

News outlet over the world are covering the top stories we’ve pitched but that is not it. We also included social media content for some of our clients like TiO and AudioXperts. In one of the most popular booths at the show, TiO brought its much-talked-about Android-based home automation system to CEDIA EXPO for the first time. AudioXperts introduced VIEWS, an elegant on-wall speaker solution that defies conventional wall-mounted speaker concepts through a sophisticated design that serves to complement surrounding décor with the home or business. Both clients were extremely pleased with the feedback we generated on all their social media pages. It is one thing to read about it but it speaks volumes when you can get the audience to talk about it too.

The industry’s first green tech distributor, Energy Squad, also returned to the expo this year to reveal the new LED Diet bag filled with 30 different SKUs of LED bulbs designed to help integrators sell LED bulbs effectively to homeowners. It has been a challenge trying to encompass all that the LED Diet has to offer but we have effectively managed to do just that.

Overall CEDIA Expo 2013 was just a good time all around. We are excited to be able to provide our family of clients with high-quality performance that sets us apart from other marketing and public relation agencies. Not to mention we simply enjoy spending time with our clients. We have certainly set a higher bar for our roster of client that we will be representing in next year’s CEDIA Expo 2014.

Check out some of the awesome new exposure we generated for our clients.

Metra Home Theater Group

Technology Integrator 9/26/2013 CEDIA Expo 2013 Media Preview Event, in Photos

Dealerscope 9/30/2013 Metra’s CEDIA Expo Focus: The EVOLV Cable Line

Access Networks

Dealerscope 9/19/2013 Access Networks Offers Visibility Center Demos at CEDIA 2013

Residential Systems 9/28/2013 Time to Access Your Network

CEDIA Daily Preview Edition 9/25/2013 Access Networks Expands Ruckus Wireless Offering. Page 30

Automated Control Technology Partners/ TiO

Dealerscope 9/26/2013 CEDIA Expo 2013 Media Preview Event, in Photos

Twice 9/26/2013 Tio Readies Wireless Multi-Room Audio, Home Control

CEPro 9/27/2013 TiO Home Automation Expands Dealer Program, Patent Creation, Staff

Sound&Vision 9/27/2013 TiO Unveils Stealth Stream 1: “World’s Smallest” Audio Zone Player


Twice 9/25/2013 AudioXperts Expands Speaker Selection 9/25/2013 AudioXperts VIEWS: Radically New On-Wall Speakers

Sound & Vision 9/27/2013 AudioXperts Press Event: Eva Blu Bluetooth Speaker & More 9/28/2013 Top 10 Products from CEDIA 2013

Energy Squad

AVNetwork 9/26/2013 How to Shine New Light on Sales with LED Bulbs

Sound & Vision 9/27/2013 Can You Eat an LED Light?      

Technology Integrator 9/26/2013 CEDIA Expo 2013 Media Preview Event, in Photos

CEPro 10/1/2013 Energy Squad Debuts ‘LED Diet’ Bag as Lighting Sales Tool

RoseWater Energy

Residential Systems 9/23/2013 RoseWater Energy Group Launches Compact Residential Energy Storage Hub

Technology Integrator 9/26/2013 CEDIA Expo 2013 Media Preview Event, in Photos

CEDIA Daily Preview Edition 9/25/2013 RoseWater Energy Group Taps Gotts as CEO Page 60

Tradeshow Tips

Marketing Matters is getting ready for CEDIA EXPO 2013, which is one of the most important tradeshows of the year for those in the residential integration industry.

As we prepare, we thought it might be nice to share a few tips from our years of experience attending shows, for this show or any others you may have on the horizon.


All about Building Relationships

Everything you do should revolve around building relationships. Seeing the new product is nice, yet relationship building with those in your industry is paramount. I have the mindset that everyone you meet at a tradeshow is important. Don’t just play someone off because you think they are no value to you. We’ve met competitors that give us business because of conflicts of interest, junior associates that have introduced us to their company decision makers or remembered us when they took a new position, or even people we couldn’t do business with and they referred us to a friend.


Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is a great tool to use when asked about what you do. Be sure to modify as necessary to the conversation at hand. After all,  everyone you talk to has one thing in mind: How you can help them.


Tailor your pitch for each person you meet. Doing a little research before the show and writing down notes on what issues they may have and how you can solve them can make for some very potent quick pitches. Consider:

1)     Who’s their target

2)     What do they want to accomplish

3)     What issues might they have that you can solve


Game Plan

Have a game plan for the show. Knowing who you want to talk to, a little about them, how you can help, who the person you want to talk is, etc., before the show can make the best most effective use of your time. In short, make a plan, map it out, make it work.


Attend the Events

Visiting on the show floor is nice, but don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunities after the show. I’ve built some of the longest relationships here. (For a list of events happening at CEDIA EXPO 2013, visit


Follow Up

If you don’t follow up after the show, you might as well save your money, not go and do something else. Nearly everyone intends to do this, but not everyone does. I don’t think it’s really ever too late to follow up with someone. I’ve found cards in briefcase several months after a show and followed up which lead to good conversations. And dig up your contacts from last year’s show and follow up before the show. Maybe you can meet with them again and something benefitial will come of it.


There are so many more tips, and we’d love to hear what you’re learned from your experience. Please share!