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5 Thanksgiving Fun Facts

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we’re sharing 5 Fun Facts about Thanksgiving that we bet you didn’t know. Enjoy!

  1. Did you know the turkey was native to North America? In French, it’s called the “Indian Chicken”, and in India it’s called the “Peruvian Chicken”.
  2. Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States. An eagle, he wrote in a letter to his daughter, had “bad moral character.” A turkey, on the other hand, is a “much more respectable bird.”
  3. Did you know Thanksgiving gave birth to the TV dinner? In 1953, Swanson severely overestimated the demand for Turkey… by 260 tons. With so much fowl left over, a salesperson got inspired by airplane meals and brought together 5,000 aluminum trays and loads of turkey, peas and sweet potatoes – the first frozen TV dinners.
  4. Did you know that Sarah Josepha Hale, American magazine editor and author who waged a winning campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday, also wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb”?
  5. President Abe Lincoln said Thanksgiving would be the fourth Thursday in November, but in 1939 President Roosevelt moved it up a week hoping it would help the shopping season during the Depression era. It never caught on and it was changed back two years later.

Website: M.D.

A website, like most things with your business, is a responsibility. Like employees, or your products and services, or anything else, you need to invest in your website. And I’m not talking about keeping it fresh by frequently changing content, which is also important, but for another article. You can find one here… but I digress.

I’m talking about keeping your website up to date. To keep it healthy. And virus free.

Marketing Matters, like a large portion of the website building world, typically employs CMS (content management system) platforms to build websites. There are many popular platforms and we use several of them depending on the need/situation. These typically include WordPress, Joomla!, Magento or Drupal.

We employ these platforms for a number of reasons, one of which is that it creates a much easier website to keep updated with fresh content. This may be a little more work upfront in initial programming and you pay way less to perform edits. Gone are the evil days when you had to call a programmer just to make simple changes on your website.

But there’s another tradeoff. Because of their popularity, hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to annoy you/us. Exploiting websites (on a large scale) through outdated CMS websites has become very popular.

Notice I said “outdated” CMS websites. Whether it’s next month, next year, or three years down the road; given time, I can almost guarantee you that your website will be compromised if left unattended.

The good news is that CMS platforms spend hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of dollars staying ahead of hackers by patching known flaws in previous versions, and they do a pretty good job at it. So it’s pretty simple, take your website to the doctor every once in a while and have it checked out. I promise you, it will save you heartache down the road.

If your website is already infected, our programmers can help clean it for you, but it’s monotonous, time consuming work, and not fun for anyone. And frankly, we’d rather be designing a kick-butt website for someone else. So here’s a quick recommendation for your benefit. We highly recommending a third party platform to keep ahead of malware infection, and it’s proven very beneficial for us and many of our clients. Sucuri ( will clean an infected website and offers an additional level of protection by way of running it through their firewall. They also give you a heads up if your site is breached. It’s not free, packages run from $200 to $500/year – and worth every cent.

Sucuri is not the final solution, as you still need to keep your website updated, yet it helps. If you want to check if your site is infected, use their SiteCheck tool (

CEDIA 2015 Recap

Marketing Matters and our clients had a fantastic show last week in Dallas. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their partnerships and congratulate them on a wildly successful event.

Here are a few of the highlights:

RoseWater Energy:

The introduction of the RoseWater Energy Management Hub (HUB 20-28-8-NC) garnered some great fanfare from the media, and also won both a Residential Systems Best of Show Award and the Technology Integrator EXC!TE award. Here are a few of the press comments:

“One of the most intriguing products of CEDIA 2015 isn’t an audio, video or home automation product. It’s a residential energy management hub from RoseWater Energy Group.”
–Joe Paone, Technology Integrator

“I’m not sure what it costs—you can bet it won’t be cheap—but I want one.”
–Darryl Wilkinson, Sound and Vision

“The Tesla [Powerwall] doesn’t make the RoseWater product obsolete, but rather it is kind of like Tesla’s Ford Fiesta to RoseWater’s Ferrari.”
–Wayne Ortner, CE Pro

TiO Home by Anuva Automation:

TiO launched a dramatic expansion of their home automation system at the show, with multiple new products. These new products dramatically expand the capabilities of the TiO system with the addition of a new touch screen and several products called TiOConnect which includes a lamp dimming element, a network extender, a security adapter, an IR adapter, a contact closure adapter, and a serial adapter… all of which can be easily integrated into the system via a wired or wireless connection. TiOConnect also won a Residential Systems Best of Show Award and the Technology Integrator EXC!TE award.

TiO held the TiO Ninja Time Trials at CEDIA, pitting installers against each other, many whom have never even seen a TiO system setup. The average setup time for the contestants to complete the tasks was 8-10 minutes with only a few minutes orientation. Three winners emerged, one for each day of the show, with times around or under five minutes. That’s a setup of a complete home automation system complete with customized moods and experiences for the user! The fastest installers were awarded a TiO system (MSRP of $5,145 USD). More than $15,000 in free gear was given away over the course of the show!

Metra Home Theater Group

Metra received 18 press placements last week, which helped spread the word regarding the launch of their M3B System and the HDM-GA1 Gigabit Accelerator.  The HDM-GA1 was an astounding success winning a Residential Systems Best of Show Award, a Technology Integrator EXC!TE Award and a CE Pro Best Award.  The Ethereal HDM-GA1 is designed to update existing in-wall passive HDMI cables to be able to handle true 4K, meaning the user can update a system to 4K without having to run additional cables. Metra was taking pre-orders at the show and sold out of existing stock before the product was even made available.

BlueDog Data Services

The CEDIA 2015 was the official launch of BlueDog Data Services, which is being positioned as an enhancement to existing audio/visual proposal software. Existing software is only as good as the information that is input to support it. BlueDog creates accurate, complete & consistent data for everyday use in generating proposals, engineering drawings, purchase orders, and work orders, resulting in a much improved proposal generation process for the dealer. Although they didn’t have a show floor presence, they were booked with meetings throughout the show.

Marketing Matters produced and distributed a plethora of press announcements, managed press conferences at the show, produced a beautiful new booth for RoseWater Energy and created many successful pieces of collateral materials to help our clients during the show.  CEDIA 2015 was a success for all of us!